How do I get a Nike user's profile data?
Right now we don't make the user's profile data available. We anticipate that you will have already identified the user in your application before you link their identity to their Nike+ activity.
Will you let me know when a user records Nike+ activity?
A server-server publish/subscribe interface for user activity will be made available during the Accelerator program. To subscribe to the activity notification service, your app will first need to register a callback URL with Nike+. You will then need to call the subscription service, passing in the id of the user for whom you wish to receive activity notifications. When the user registers activity with Nike+, your server will be notified. The notification activity payload will include a persistent user identifier to enable you to link the activity to a user.
Do you limit the number of requests we can make to the Nike+ platform?
Yes, we do. Right now each application is limited to 2000 requests per hour. If you need to change that number, please ask a member of the Nike Engineering Support team.
How long does an access token last, and how do I refresh it?
Access tokens currently last 30 days. The JavaScript and iOS SDKs handle token refresh automatically.
What are my Nike+ application credentials?
We will be providing app credentials during registration. If you did not receive your credentials, or have misplaced them, please ask a member of the Nike Engineering Support team.
The Connect With Nike+ Dialog calls me AcceleratorPartnerXX, but that isn't my company's name!
At the time the applications were created, we did not know the names of the companies who would be participating. We will update the application records to reflect your company name during the program.
How do I make test users?
We will provide you with a number of test users with test data to get you started. To create more test users, register new users on the Nike+ website and be sure to register them with a user name that is an email address at nikeqa.com. For example, mytestuser@nikeqa.com would be a correctly formatted test user name.