GPS Data

The /me/sport/activities/{activityId}/gps endpoint provides GPS data for one of the user's activities, specified by its Activity ID. GPS details include 3D coordinates expressed as latitude, longitude, and elevation.

For example, the GPS data for a run enables you to build applications with the ability to map the user's run. The GPS data is provided as an array of key value pairs, as shown below. You'll have access to ten-second intervals, which is how the GPS data is recorded by the user's Nike+ enabled device(s).


Query Parameters
Name Type Required? Description
access_token String Y User's access token
activityId String Y Activity ID for a RUNNING activity with GPS data

Response Fields
Name Type Description
elevationLoss String
elevationGain String
elevationMin String
elevationMax String
intervalMetric String
intervalUnit String
wayPoints Array of coordinates 3D coordinates (latitude, longitude, elevation)

Sample Request

Sample Response
{ "elevationLoss": 54.089367, "elevationGain": 57.98948, "elevationMin": 52.071926, "elevationMax": 71.568146, "intervalMetric": 10, "intervalUnit": "SEC", "wayPoints": [ { "latitude": 45.508057, "longitude": -122.83315, "elevation": 53.09316 }, { "latitude": 45.508034, "longitude": -122.83313, "elevation": 53.151 }, { "latitude": 45.50786, "longitude": -122.832954, "elevation": 53.86401 }, { "latitude": 45.508175, "longitude": -122.833206, "elevation": 56.81296 }, { "latitude": 45.508156, "longitude": -122.83318, "elevation": 56.870304 }, { "latitude": 45.508133, "longitude": -122.83316, "elevation": 56.99327 } ] }

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