Aggregate Sport Data

The /me/sport endpoint provides a list of the Nike+ experiences in which the user participates and a summary of the user's statistics for each sport category.

For example, you can use the experienceTypes field to learn in which experiences a user has participated, such as FuelBand or Running. Additionally, the service provides information about the user's streaks with their FuelBand, the number of days they've synced, and their average NikeFuel for various intervals.


Query Parameters
Name Type Required? Description
access_token String Y User's access token

Response Fields

Distances and weights are returned in metric units. Dates and times are returned in UTC following ISO8601 standard formats.

Name Type Description
experienceTypes Array of String objects FUELBAND, RUNNING
records Array of record objects Summaries of activities for each experienceType
recordType String Type of Record ('LIFETIMEFUEL', for example)
recordValue String Record value as a string

Sample Request

Sample Response
{ "experienceTypes": [ "RUNNING" ], "summaries": [ { "experienceType": "ALL", "records": [ { "recordType": "LIFETIMEFUEL", "recordValue": "3953" } ] }, { "experienceType": "RUNNING", "records": [ { "recordType": "LIFETIMEFUEL", "recordValue": "3953" }, { "recordType": "LEVEL", "recordValue": "0" }, { "recordType": "LIFETIMEDURATION", "recordValue": "40:22:26.000" }, { "recordType": "LIFETIMEGPSRUNS", "recordValue": "1" }, { "recordType": "LIFETIMEHEARTACTIVITIES", "recordValue": "1" }, { "recordType": "LIFETIMEAVERAGEPACE", "recordValue": "7772970.6025488125" }, { "recordType": "LONGESTRUNDISTANCE", "recordValue": "9.5" }, { "recordType": "LIFETIMEDISTANCE", "recordValue": "18.698900000000002" } ] } ] }

Error Codes
Error Code Message
0x00000013 User authentication is invalid

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