Activity Detail

The /me/sport/activities/{activityId} endpoint provides details of one of the user's activities, specified by its Activity ID. Activity details include the type of activity, its time and duration, calories burned, NikeFuel earned, and the Nike+ device on which the activity was recorded.

For example, retrieving the details on a specific activity for FuelBand gives you all of the detail necessary to visualize the athlete's day. The data returned is recorded in minute intervals for NikeFuel, calories, and steps and can be transformed to suit your application's needs. Additionally you'll get access to the aggregated data in the JSON response along with important information about the date of the activity and the user's time zone.

Note: This endpoint does not return GPS data, which can (only) be retrieved for one activity at a time by calling the /me/sport/activities/{activityId}/gps endpoint.


Query Parameters
Name Type Required? Description
access_token String Y User's access token
activityId String Y Activity ID

Response Fields

Distances and weights are returned in metric units. Dates and times are returned in UTC following ISO8601 standard formats.

Name Type Description
activityId String The sport activity unique identifier
calories Number Number of calories burned during the Activity
fuel Number Amount of fuel gained during the Activity
distance Number Distance traveled during the Activity
steps Number Number of steps taken during the Activity
duration Number The amount of time the Activity lasted in standard ISO8601 format
activityType String The type of Activity performed
startTime String The Activity's start time in UTC, standard ISO8601 format
activityTimeZone String Timezone the Activity was captured in
status String The status of the activity. IE: IN_PROGRESS, COMPLETED
deviceType String Device the activity was done with
tags Array Extra detail User entered about the Activity
tagType String Type of tag
value String The value or detail of the tag
metrics Array of metrics Varies depending on activity

Sample Request

Sample Response
{ "activityId": "104019031", "calories": 257, "fuel": 662, "distance": 3.1318, "steps": 10, "duration": "0:14:31.000", "activityType": "RUN", "startTime": "2011-08-11T02:44:39Z", "activityTimeZone": "GMT-08:00", "status": "COMPLETE", "deviceType": "SPORTWATCH", "tags": [ { "tagType": "EMOTION", "value": "HAPPY" }, { "tagType": "TERRAIN", "value": "TRAIL" }, { "tagType": "COURT", "value": "DUNK" }, { "tagType": "SHOES", "value": "AirMax" }, { "tagType": "WEATHER", "value": "RAINY" }, { "tagType": "NOTE", "value": "text string" } ], "metrics": [ { "intervalMetric": 10, "intervalUnit": "SEC", "metricType": "DISTANCE", "values": [ 0.0299, 0.0562, 0.0794, 0.114, 3.0967, 3.1296 ] } ] }

Error Codes
Error Code Message
0x00000013 User authentication is invalid

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